Jazz owns The Globe

Jazz.coop is a community cooperative which supports the rehearsal, performance, promotion and development of jazz, poetry, dance and related arts. It is the first cooperative in the UK to own a music venue and education centre – the Globe in Newcastle upon Tyne. The co-op puts on gigs and courses there and at other venues. The members are inspired by Keith Crombie, known locally as The Jazz Man, who died in December 2012.

The new Jazz.Coop website, launched in March 2016, was used to develop and test new software for events promotion. Gigs featured on the website are distributed via Line Up, the UK’s largest provider of online what’s on information which averages 35 million views a month. We worked closely with the technical team at Line Up and the marketing manager at Jazz.Coop to develop the new plug-in. The Jazz.Coop website is fully integrated with online ticketing … and it looks great.


Our work for jazz.coop:

  • Brand development
  • Video animation (including script writing and sound)
  • Website development
  • Leaflet design
  • Signage and display graphics